School Attendance Message

School Attendance Message

As LSK Elementary school continues to work on finalizing its online learning attendance policy, we wanted to remind all LSK families of the importance of regular online attendance and to also notify the school through a phone call (905) 768-3222 or email if in the event you know your child will be unable to access Brightspace during a scheduled school day.

The LSK Parent Handbook States:

A child’s success in school is directly related to his/her attendance being both regular and punctual. Quite frequently we notice that poor attendance and poor school work go hand-in-hand. If you know that your child is ill or will not be attending during the school day please let the teacher know. If the school is not informed of a child’s absence, LSK will call to confirm the safety and security of the child as part of the Safe Arrival Program (PPM No. 123).

We hope to provide all families with our finalized online learning attendance policy in the near future. Thanks again to everyone for all of your continued effort with this online learning transition.

Mr. Medway

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