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The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation erects this plaque to honour and respect this outstanding band member. He not only taught for thirty years at MCFN and Six Nations elementary schools but he always was unwavering in the pursuit of knowledge. His dedication to the environment through planting Carolinian trees and volunteering as an amateur weather observer for over fifty years was recognized by Canada with his being awarded the United Nations Volunteer Designation in 2001. Additionally, Mr. King spent his retirement as a volunteer historical advisor to the staff of the MCFN Lands, Research and Membership Department assisting in their work on behalf of the membership of MCFN.

Lloyd S. King will also be remembered for his contribution in assisting in the restructuring of the Indian Act to allow First Nation people their inherent right to post-secondary education without the loss of their status. He was a committed advocate and founding member of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians. He will be remembered for his knowledge, his leadership and his modesty as he strived to advance the inherent rights of all First Nation peoples.

– From The Plaque At Lloyd S. King Elementary School


The Goal of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation is to educate our children to their fullest potential, to thrive in our community, and the larger Canadian society while maintaining their Anishinabek culture and identity. We must ensure that each student is equipped to make sound decisions about their lives. Each student has his or her own special gift. Education must encourage and support each individual to learn to identify their gift, to develop their gift, and to use the gift now and in the future.


The Lloyd S. King Elementary School programs provide schooling for SK to Grade 8. The school is staffed by a principal, a secretary/office manager, a school counsellor, six classroom teachers, one special education resource teacher, an Ojibwe language instructor and four educational assistants.

Provides schooling for Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Staffing consists of classroom teachers, educational assistants, a special education resource teacher and an Ojibwe language instructor. The school adheres to the Ontario Provincial Curriculum and undertakes the Education Quality and Assessment Organization (EQAO) testing for Grades 3 and 6 students.


  1. Providing an education program that will give our students a sense of identity and confidence in their personal worth and ability, by helping all students reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills and values they need to be successful in secondary school.
  2. Enhancing the development of traditional values through the education program by implementing a Native Studies Program and the Seven Grandfather Teachings.
  3. Ensuring that the education system prepares our students for a meaningful lifestyle in modern society while maintaining their culture and language.
  4. Encouraging community members, parents, teachers, elders, and children to participate in the development of the values of education through involvement in the school and its activities.


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